About Asas Sanat Pars


ASAS SANAT PARS has established in 2003 after having achieved successful company called "OMID BORESH" dated to 1972 base on supplying industrial basic requirements.
The factory unit is spread across an area of 33000 sq. meters and divided into several sections, such as: 4shop unit for carbon steel equipment, 1 shop unit exclusively for stainless steel equipment, offices, storage room, blasting & painting area.
The company with 38 years experience in steel industry and use of advanced unique machineries and the advantage of genuine knowledge in engineering with consideration of global standards is one of the leader companies in this field.
Consequently, "ASAS SANAT PARS" is well-known for ability in designing and manufacturing of industrial structure and equipment.
The company has effective paces in national projects and is committed to participate in producing products that meets society's needs.

What we do

Asas Sanat Pars: The leader by innovation
Designer & Manufacturer of Static Equipments for Oil,Gas and Petrochemical Industries
-Pressure Vessels & Drums
-Tower & Reactors
-Storage and Atmospheric TANKS
-Heat Exchanger & Air Coolers
-Industrial Filters
-Industrial Steel Structures